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In our English lesson our teacher Ines read to us the book “Santa Selfie” which was funny! The story about Santa who doesn’t want to do Christmas and instead wants to get away is great. Santa gets on a cruise and wants to enjoy the sun, but then a girl finds out that he is Santa and tells everybody on board about it. Soon the people come to him and ask for a selfie. After a while the cruise got to Mexico and Santa leaves it, full of hope that nobody will recognize him there. But the people were waiting for him and of course asking for a selfie. Wherever he went (Paris, Cairo, Kyoto, ...) everybody wanted a selfie. Even on the Mount Everest they found him and took photos. So he decided that there’s just one place on Earth where he can be without being forced to take selfies – the North Pole. He got back home and what was the first thing his elves did? The took a selfie with him!!! ;)
After reading the book we also took a selfie with Santa – that was fun!

K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_1.JPG K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_10.JPG K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_11.JPG K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_12.JPG K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_2.JPG K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_3.JPG K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_4.JPG K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_5.JPG K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_6.JPG K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_7.JPG K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_8.JPG K800_Santa_Selfie_3a3b_9.JPG